Arches of cherry blossoms

Shinnyo-do (Shinsho Gokuraku-ji Temple) was introduced in "Kyoto Chishin" the other day.

Kyoto Kaguraoka Munetada Shrine, located west of the Shinnyo-do temple gate, is a famous cherry blossom viewing spot known only to those who know it.

During this season, there are arches of cherry blossoms at the end of the torii gate of Main approach, and we can see Mt. Daimonji from the top of the stone steps.

Torii is also called 'Munetada Torii' after the name of this shrine, and is one of the main styles of torii in Japan.

In addition, there are many things to see, such as the guardian dogs standing on their heads to welcome visitors in front of the torii gate.


Kyoto Kaguraoka Munetada-jinja Shrine was built in 1862 to enshrine Kurozumikyo founder Munetada KUROZUMI in Okayama Prefecture.

Therefore, it is said that the komainu standing on its head is made of Bizen ware, a specialty of Okayama Prefecture.

The Bizen-ware guardian dogs are rare in Japan, but it is still a mystery why they were made.

In addition, at the shrine office, the white dog Koro, who is loved as "a living guardian dog" greets you.

If you like dogs, why don't you visit the shrine to see guardian dogs and loyal dogs?

You can also visit the shrine online, so you can pray at home.

Reservations are required, so please check the official website of Kaguraoka, Kyoto Munetada Shrine.


The cherry blossom arches are also on the approach to Takenaka Inari Shrine, opposite the north gate of Kyoto Kaguraoka Munetada Shrine.

The red torii and stone torii that go up to the main shrine and worship hall are colored with pale pink cherry blossoms.

It is a subordinate shrine of Yoshida Shrine, but it was once independent and it is said to be built earlier than Yoshida Shrine.

You can see Mt. Daimonji from the precincts of Takenaka Inari Shrine, too.

Kyoto Kaguraoka Munetada-jinja Shrine
Yoshida Shimoojicho, Sakyo-ward, Kyoto-city, Kyoto
10 minutes from Kinrin Shako-mae City bus stop

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