Matsunoo-taisha Shrine is famous for Yamabuki

Instead of the cherry blossoms, Yamabuki (golden yellow flowers) are in full bloom throughout Kyoto.

The golden flowers look nice with fresh green, and you can feel the breath of the hills and fields.

When I was an elementary school student, I came across Yamabuki-iro as the color of paint.

Now that I have grown up, I am reminded of the beauty of the name.

The most famous places in Kyoto for Yamabuki is Matsunoo-taisha Shrine.

It is an old shrine with a vast sacred area at the western edge of Shijo-dori, at the foot of the Matsuo-bashi Bridge over the Katsura-gawa River.

As many as 3,000 Yamabuki trees decorate the precincts, and you can smell the noble fragrance unique to the rose family as you approach the flowers.

In the Shofuen and Joko gardens within the temple precincts, white Yamabuki (Japanese golden bush) grows naturally and seeds are given as' purification white Yamabuki. '.

You can also look for the golden yellow "Yamabuki Hanamori" charm.


Founded in the first year of Taiho (701) by the Hata clan, Matsuo Taisha is also known as the god of sake brewing.

Sake brewing was the specialty of the Hata clan, and it is said that many people of the Hata clan had '酒 (sake)' in their names.

When making sake, it is said that if you add spring water called "Kamenoi" to the raw water, it will not go bad.

In the precincts, sake barrels that are said to have been dedicated by sake brewers from various places are piled up, and it is fun to look at each brand.

In front of the sake casks dedicated to the shrine, you can also enjoy "barrel divination", in which you shoot an arrow at the target inside the casks.

In the "Sake Museum" on the grounds of the shrine, you can see the history and culture of sake and the process of sake making.

In addition to the main shrine which is designated as an important cultural property, the 3 gardens of Shofuen and Reigame Waterfall, there are many other attractions in the large precincts.

Why don't you visit the shrine when we can go out as we like?

Matsunoo-taisha Shrine
3 Arashiyama Miya-cho, Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto City
3 minutes walk from Hankyu Matsuo-taisha Station

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