Sake and Cats and Umenomiya-taisha Shrine

Matsunoo-taisha Shrine was introduced in Kyouchishin the other day.

Umenomiya-taisha Shrine is located on the east side of Katsura River from Matsunoo-taisha Shrine.

The enshrined deities are four in the main hall and four in the aiden.

The first of these is Oyamazumi no Kami (god), Sakatoke no Kami (god).

It is believed to be the mountain god who made sake for the first time in this world and offered it to the gods, and it is also said to be the ancestor honored as god of sake brewing.

On Tori no hi in April, when sake brewing has finished successfully, 'Kenshu Hokoku-sai Festival (Report of offering sake)' by the persons concerned is performed.

In the two-storied gates and precincts, sake barrels dedicated by people involved in sake brewing are displayed, and we can feel the depth of the faith.

Konohanasakuyahime no Mikoto, a daughter of Oyamazumi-no-kami, is also one of the enshrined deities.

The story of Ninigi no Mikoto having a child with Ninigi no Mikoto in one night has led to the belief in the pregnancy and safe delivery.

It is said that straddling the 'straddle stone' in the precincts brings divine favor to children.


Umenomiya-taisha Shrine, also called "Neko (cats) jinja Shrine" has many cats in its precincts and shrine garden.

Not only humans but also cats are the treasures of the world.

We have to value the social distance of cats, for example, I just watch cats quietly when I see them.

As the shirine's name suggests (Umenomiya's Ume means plums), it is also famous for its plums, and the garden of Chisen style strolling garden is magnificent.

Kirishima azaleas and iris are at their best now, and the flowering of Japanese iris has started.

However, as the cherry blossoms continue to bloom toward early summer, it is getting harder to go to Kyoto.

Until the world settles down, I would like to deliver Kyoto that can be enjoyed on the web.

Umenomiya Taisha-shrine
30 Umezu Fukenokawa-cho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City
15 minutes walk from Matsuo-taisha Station on the Hankyu Railway

Here is for Matsunoo-taisha Shrine is famous for Yamabuki

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