Keage's azaleas are in full bloom!

This year's Golden Week will also have more time at home.

I hope you can enjoy the seasonal Kyoto on this 'KYOTO CHISHIN'.

The flowers of the four seasons are blooming despite the coronavirus, and Keage no Tsutsuji (azaleas) is also in full bloom.

The azaleas in the Keage water purification plant bloom about a week earlier than usual.

Unfortunately, it will not be open to the public during Golden Week this year.

The inside of the park is also off-limits, but you can enjoy the azaleas that grow here.

It is said that there are 4800 of them, and the highlight continues along Sanjo-dori from the Keage subway station to the east.


The Keage Purification Plant is located at the foot of Mt. Awata.

The first rapid filtration water purification plant in Japan began supplying water in 1912.

As the facility was built on a slope, azaleas were planted to prevent the slope from collapsing.

"Keage no Tsutsuji (azaleas)" is said to have been a popular place among Kyoto citizens since the Taisho period.

We can't see it up close this year, but the azaleas that color the mountain's surface will cheer us up.

I am grateful to those who take care of my hair by cutting it round.

The flower language of the whole azalea is 'abstinence', 'moderation' 'self-control', etc.

These are just the most important things to remember about the coronavirus.


Keage Purification Plant
3 Awataguchi Kacho-cho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City
Close to Keage subway station

*"Keage no Tsutsuji" of 2021 is not open to the public. Entry into the hall is also prohibited.

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