Thinking of Santetsu Street

A street running east to west in the center of Kyoto.

Among them, the main streets such as Marutamachi, Sanjo and Shijo are well known.

Memorizing the street name song "Maru-Take-Ebisu" makes it easier to walk along the central street.

However, the street south of Gojo may be different from the present one because this street name has been used for a long time.

For example, "三哲 (Santetsu)" means "塩小路 (Shiokoji)" today.

It's a big street with a view of Kyoto Tower on the north side of Kyoto Station, and there are many station buildings.

There may be many people who know Shiokoji-dori Street but have never heard of Santetsu-dori Street.


The name of the bus stop, 'Santetsu,' which had been used by JR Bus, was changed to 'Shimogyo Ward Government Office Front' in March 2020.

The names of Santetsu have faded in the streets of Kyoto.

Some of the songs of the street names mentioned above have different parts of Santetsu.

On the map, the narrow street between Iwakami-dori Street and Omiya-dori Street on the west side of Horikawa-dori Street is marked as Santetsu-dori Street.

Actually, on Santetsu-dori Street (Shiokoji-dori Street), there is a temple that is said to be the origin of the street name.

I would like to introduce that temple in the next episode of "Kyoto-Chishin".

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