This year marks 40 years since the Kyoto Municipal Subway opened!

May 29 is "Subway Day" in Kyoto, Japan.

On May 29, 1981, Kyoto Municipal Subway was opened from Kyoto Station to Kitaoji Station on the Karasuma Line.

This year, 2021 marks 40 years since the first subway line in Kyoto.

On June 11, 1988, the Karasuma Line was extended from Kyoto Station to Takeda Station.

In August of the same year, mutual direct operation with the Kintetsu Kyoto Line started.

In October 1990, the Karasuma Line was extended from Kitaoji Station to Kitayama Station.

In 1997, Kokusaikaikan Station was extended from Kitayama Station on the Karasuma Line to the present.

Furthermore, after the Karasuma Line was completed, Nijo Station commenced operation in 1997 from Daigo Station on the Tozai Line.

The extension from Nijo Station to Uzumasa-tenjingawa in 2008 is surprisingly recent.

The train cars at the time of the opening of the Karasuma Line are scheduled to be replaced with new ones over the next five years.

I heard that the materials and techniques of the traditional industries of Kyoto will be used for the exterior and interior of the new trains.

I'm looking forward to seeing them in 2022.


In 2011, character to cheer for Kyoto City bus and subway was created and became a hot topic.

The main characters are named '太秦萌 (Uzumasa Moe)', '松賀咲 (Matsuga Saki)' and so on.

Each of them is named after the station of Kyoto Municipal Subway and they are supposed to live in the neighborhood of the station.

Currently, a 40 year anniversary exhibition is being held at the Oike Gallery outside the ticket gate of Karasuma Oike Station.

Valuable materials such as one-day tickets, stamps and maps issued in Showa era are also displayed.


Also, goods sales events related to "Subway Day" will be held through mail order, as in last year.

Available from 10 o'clock on Saturday, May 29, to 17 o'clock on Sunday, June 13.

In addition to the original goods of the cheering characters, 40 anniversary commemorative goods are also scheduled to appear this year.

Please check "Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau Cooperation Association EC site" for details (Japanese site).

I hope the day when we can go out by subway or city bus without worrying will come back soon!

Here is for "Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau Cooperation Association EC site".
*The products of the "Subway Day" memorial goods sales event will be released on the website from the morning of Saturday, May 29.

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