Existing radio-tou tower in Funaokayama-koen Park

September 6 is designated as "MBS Radio Day".

Mainichi Broadcasting Corporation (MBS) is headquartered in Chayamachi, Umeda, Osaka.

It started on December 27, 1950, as "New Japan Broadcasting Corporation".

In the following year, 1951, on September 1, the main radio broadcast was started.

The name was changed to the current Mainichi Broadcasting System on June 1, 1958.

In 1959, it was a single radio station until the main TV broadcast started on March 1.

MBS radio frequencies are 1179 megahertz for AM and 90.6 megahertz for wide FM.

When Wide FM was born in 2016, an anniversary was established for the frequency.

Speaking of radio, the "radio tou tower" (a public radio receiver) was introduced in the previous "KYOTO CHISHIN".

The first radio broadcast in Japan started in March 1925.

Radio-tou towers were built throughout Japan from the early Showa period to the middle of the war, people was listened to radio broadcasts.

Among the eight exciting radio-tou towers in Kyoto, this time we will introduce the radio-tou tower in Funaokayama-koen Park.

Funaokayama-koen Park is a historic park with a good view located in Funaoka-yama mountain at an altitude of 112 meters.

The radio-tou tower was built in 1935 to coincide with the opening of Funaokayama-koen Park.

It was installed in the back of the stage of the outdoor concert hall, and now a part of it can be seen from the audience.

In April 2015, the only exciting radio-tou tower in Japan to have the loudspeaker and receiver reinstalled as they were in the past.

A melody was played again from the radio-tou tower and people did radio gymnastics in front of it.


MBS Radio Co., Ltd. took a new step forward on April 1, 2021.

In addition to AM, you can listen to programs on Wide FM and "radiko".

This "radiko" is a service that allows you to select the broadcasting station you want to listen to from a PC site.

You can enjoy programs for free within the area of Kinki 2 prefectures and 4 prefectures.

Why don't you listen to the radio at home?

Funaokayama-koen Park
Murasakino Kitafunaokacho, Kita-ward, Kyoto
3 minutes walk from Funaokayama, City Bus stop

official MBS radio website

Here is for Existing radio-tou towers in Kyoto

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