The Comb mound and Comb Festival at Yasui Konpira-gu Shrine

The Meishi-zuka (Business Card mound) and Saifu-zuka (Wallet mound) of Kyoto Ebisu-jinja Shrine were introduced in "KYOTO CHISHIN" the other day.

This time we will introduce "久志塚 (Kushi-zuka, Comb mound)" of Yasui Konpira-gu Shrine.

"久志 (Kushi)" is a term used to refer to "櫛 (Kushi, combs)" used to comb Japanese hair.

Yasui Konpira-gu Shrine holds a "Kushi Matsuri (Comb Festival)" every year on the fourth Monday of September.

It is a traditional event of Yasui Konpira-gu Shrine where various old combs are dedicated in front of Kushi-zuka mond.

It began in the Showa period when Ms. Chie Minami, a local beauty parishioner, asked her about the disposal of her old combs.

The 1st "Kushi Matsuri (Comb Festival)" was held in 1961 to commemorate the old combs.

It was launched by Ms.Minami and many other beauticians with the support of Mr. Kanpo Yoshikawa, a folklore researcher.

It is said that the 'Kyoto Beauty Culture Club' was also established in order to pass down the correct ways of dressing and hairdressing of the periods.

Ms. Minami is also known for devoting her life to "Study on the transition of Japanese hair and hairdressing"

The current "Kushi Matsuri (Comb Festival)" is managed by the Kushi Matsuri Executive Committee, which is led by the Kyoto Beauticians Association.

Kushi-zuka (Comb mound) was built in 1962, one year after the 1st Kushi Matsuri (Comb Festival).

Beside them are statues of connoisseurs of Mr. Kanpo Yoshikawa, who have contributed to the Kushi Matsuri (Comb Festival).


Due to the coronavirus disaster, only Shinto rituals are performed by those involved in the 2021 one.

Unfortunately, the women's "Jidai Fuzoku Gyoretsu (Historic Pageant)" has been canceled.

Originally, it is the highlight of the festival that starts from Yasui Konpira-gu Shrine and parades around Gion.

A procession of women dressed in costumes from the Kofun period to modern Maiko.

In particular, the hairstyle made with natural hair rather than a wig attracts attention.

Yasui Konpira-gu Shrine is famous for "En-kiri (insulate) jinja Shrine", but in September, don't we think of the Kushi Matsuri (Comb Festival) ?

I hope we'll break with the coronavirus next year, and that the "Jidai Fuzoku Gyoretsu (Historic Pageant)" will revive.

Yasui Konpira-gu Shrine
70 Shimobenten-cho, Higashioji-Matsubara Agaru, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City
10 minutes walk from Keihan Gion Shijo Station

The Kushi Matsuri (Comb Festival) in 2021 will be held on Monday, September 27.
*However, only Shinto rituals are conducted by those involved.
*The "Jidai Fuzoku Gyoretsu" is not held.

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