The park which remains of the Great Buddha Hall

The remains of the Great Buddha of Kyoto, which was introduced in "KYOTO-CHISHIN" the other day.

It is said that it was built in Hoko-ji Temple built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi imitating the Great Buddha of Nara.

This time, I will introduce the place where the pedestal of the Great Buddha Hall was.

To the east of Toyokuni-jinja Shrine and to the north of Kyoto National Museum, it is now maintained as "Great Buddha Ruins Green Zone".

The current Toyokuni-jinja Shrine, Kyoto National Museum and Sanju-sangen-do hall were once part of Hoko-ji Temple.

In 2000, excavation and research of the remains of the Great Buddha Hall was conducted east of the Toyokuni-jinja Shrine precincts.

At that time, the exact location of the Great Buddha Hall was found, and the remains such as pedestal and pillar remains were found.

The remains were buried underground again and preserved, and the location is indicated by board stones placed on the ground.

The Great Buddha Hall at that time was a large scale of approximately 49 meters in height, 55 meters from east to west, and 90 meters from north to south.

The "Great Buddha of Kyoto" enshrined there is said to have been about 19 meters tall.

Although there is no "Great Buddha of Kyoto", I look up at the sky without thinking when I come here.


Also, the large stones seen from Toyokuni-jinja Shrine to the west side of Kyoto National Museum are the stones piled up in the Great Buddha Hall.

At that time, the main temple buildings such as the Great Buddha Hall of Hoko-ji Temple were surrounded by huge stone mounds.

Currently, it is designated as a nationally designated historic site as "the remains of Hoko-ji Temple Great Buddha Hall and stone mounds and pagodas."

It is also unique that stones of various sizes and shapes like a puzzle are embedded in the stone walls.

There is also a stone monument engraved as "大佛殿石垣 天正14年豊臣秀吉築造 (Tensho 14 Toyotomi Hideyoshi Ishigaki)" on the side.

Why don't you pay attention to the remains of the Great Buddha Hall when you visit temples and shrines and Kyoto National Museum?

Daibutsuden ato Ryokuchi (remains of the Great Buddha Hall)
531 Chaya-cho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City
10 minutes walk from Keihan Shichijo Station

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