The Public bathhouse "Ginza-Yu" and Glasses

Even though it is October, the unseasonable heat continues in the daytime.

Our body is getting cold even after sweating, so I want to take a bath slowly and warm up.

Why don't you go to public bathhouse once in a while and enjoy an extraordinary feeling?

October 10 has been designated "Sento no Hi" (public bath day) because of a play on words.

In this article, I would like to introduce you to a public bath "Ginza-Yu" , which is located near Kyoto University and is frequented by students from Kyoto University.

It was renovated and reopened in February 2020 after being closed for 6 years.

A grandchild have succeeded his grandparents, and the town is once again bustling with locals.

A counter shaped watch stand and rest area were newly built, and it was renovated into a clean dressing room while leaving a retro feel.

We can enjoy a deep bath, jet bath, cold bath, electric bath, medicated bath and sauna in the spacious bathroom.

There is an advertisement of a circle of Kyoto University in the mirror in the washing place, and I can tell that it is a favorite of students of Kyoto University.

And don't you think this Noren (Japanese entrance cartain) of Ginza-Yu has a design that other Sento don't have?

The Glasses are largely drawn in the middle of famous places such as Kyoto Tower and Mt. Daimon-ji.

This seems to be related to the fact that your grandchild worked at a glasses shop until he took over Ginza-Yu.

At Ginza-Yu, glasses cleaning service is available only for those who take a bath.

Reception hours and types of glasses are limited, but they can be professionally finished and sparkly.

Glasses that are part of the body to the person wearing them.

Ginza-Yu may be the only sento in Kyoto that makes even glasses refreshing after taking a bath.

There are also towels that are designed with the same glasses as Noren, and you can feel the love for glasses.

On Sunday, October 10 and 22nd, the monthly event "Namakouji-buro " was also held.

It is a collaborative bath with Tozan Nijo's "Tea and Koji Tsuki Akari", and we can experience a smooth and smooth skin

a long night in autumn, It is also fun to spend in a lot of hot water and get lost in thought.

Ginza-Yu (bathhouse)
26 -7 Yoshida Konoe-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City
2 minutes walk from Konoe-dori Street, City bus stop

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