The Public bathhouse "Kyogoku-Yu" and weekend ducks

There is a proverb that means "The fall day falls in a blink of an eye" in Japan.

I feel like going home in a hurry more than summer that is bright even in the evening.

At a time like this, why don't we go home after bathing in a public bathhouse?

If we stretch out our arms and legs in the spacious bathtub, we feel like our fatigue will be gone.

A public bathhouse in the town that is said to be open from around 15 o'clock until late at night.

In this article, we will introduce you to Kyogoku-Yu, which conveys the remnants of the Showa era to the present.

Kyogoku-Yu is located in Nishijin Kyogoku, which used to be a bustling entertainment district and movie theater.

When the neon lights of Kyogoku-Yu turn on at dusk, the atmosphere of the amusement district of the past drifts in.

It looks like an adult atmosphere, but if you pass through the Noren (Japanese entrance curtain), you can feel like a child again.

A sento is a sign hung on a bandai or dressing room that says "あすもあります (Tomorrow will be open, too)".

At Kyogokuyu, a "今日はあひるがおります (Today is a day of ducks)" sign is hung only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Ducks are toy yellow ducks.

On weekends, we can take a bath with a yellow duck floated in the bathtub.

There are ducks in the mirror advertisement of the bathroom, so why don't you find them?

The brick chimney is rare, and the owner heats the well water with firewood every day.

The mild hot water warms your body from the core.


At Bandai (Front), original goods such as a wooden card key holder made by the owner are also sold.

Many people may grin at numbers like "2615" or "1010" on a wooden plate.

Nishijin Kyogoku once had many movie theaters, Yose goya (storytellers' halls) and theaters.

Kyogoku-Yu, which is still open in the area, can be said to be a valuable cultural property of Nishijin.

Kyogoku-Yu (bathhouse)
666 Higashinishi Tawaraya-cho, Ichijo-sagaru Tsuchiya-cho, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City
4 minutes from Senbon Nakadachiuri, City bus stop

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