A temple dedicated to tigers

Many people start preparing New Year's cards soon in Japan.

The Oriental zodiac of 2022 is "Tora (Tiger)".

In Kurama-dera Temple, Ryosoku-in Bishamonten-do, and Kokuzo-Horin-ji Temple in Kyoto, Koma-tora (tigers), not Komainu (dogs), are enshrined.

This time, I will introduce Komatora of Bishamonten-do, a guardian shrine of Ryosoku-in Temple, a sub-temple of Kennin-ji Temple.

The principal image, Bishamonten, is said to have been a statue in the body of Bishamonten at Kurama-dera Temple.

In addition to the Koma-tora, tigers of A-Un can also be seen in the incense burner and lantern in the precincts.

Centipede, a messenger of Bishamonten, is also carved in the incense burner.

"Tora-mikuji" and "Tora-mamori" were awarded, and a tiger was drawn on Ema (votive horse tablet).

The votive horse tablets are filled with the wishes of fans of idol groups associated with the "tiger"!

These votive horse tablets will be more exciting for the Year of the Tiger.


Also, speaking of tigers (Tora), it is "Toraya" in Kyoto.

It is a long-established Japanese sweets shop which was established in Kyoto in the late Muromachi period.

At the 'Toraya Kyoto Gallery,' an exhibition of items owned by Toraya named "めでたい寅年 愛でたい虎 (Happy Year of the Tiger, the Tiger I Love)" is being held.

The collection with a tiger motif is being exhibited all at once until Sunday, December 5.

Among them, 'temples and shrines in Kyoto related to tigers' and 'gifts of tigers' were introduced.

The Ryosoku-in Bishamonten-do's "Tora-mikuji" and "Tora-mamori" are also on display.

There is a photo spot for New Year's cards, so why don't you go there together?

We can also stop by "Toraya Karyo Kyoto Ichijo Store" next to the gallery to enjoy sweets!

Ryosoku-in Bishamonten-do Temple
591 Komatsu-cho, 4-chome, Yamato-oji-dori Shijo-sagaru, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City (in Ryosoku-in temple)
7 minutes walk from Keihan Gion Shijo Station

Toraya Kyoto Gallery
400, Hirohashiden-cho, Ichijo-dori Karasuma Nishi-iru, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City (next to Torayakaryo Ichijo Store)
7minutes walk from Exit 6 of Imadegawa Subway Station.

The exhibition ""めでたい寅年 愛でたい虎 (Happy Year of the Tiger, the Tiger I Love)" is being held until Sunday, December 5.
10 to 17 o'clock * Closed on Monday, November 29. Admission is free.

Here is for "Byakko" protecting the west of Kyoto

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