The Public bathhouse "Sakura-Yu" and Carps

The 26th of every month is "Furo (26) no Hi (Bath Day)" in japan.

November 26 is "Ii Furo (26) no Hi (Good Bath Day)".

Why don't you go through the Noren of a public bath in town at night in Kyoto where the cold is getting serious?

In Kyoto, where the culture of visiting a public bath has taken root, many historic public baths still remain.

"Sakura-Yu (Public bathhouse) " was established in 1919.

It is a wooden building where you can feel the history and the blue arch draws attention.

The changing room is also home to cultural assets such as Yanagi-gori and wooden lockers.

In recent years, you can see carp and goldfish swimming in a water tank in the changing room and bathroom.

Carps and goldfish may also observe human patterns gathered in a public bath from a water tank.

The attraction of a public bath is its spacious bathroom and bathtub, as well as facilities such as a cold bath and jet bath.

Isn't it also the best part of a public bath that you can enjoy a sauna and a cold bath alternately?


Sakura-Yu is located on a narrow alley to the east of Kawaramachi Marutamachi.

You can feel a calm atmosphere just by going straight from the main street.

About 60 meters north of Sakura-Yu, there are the popular bookstore Seiko-sha and the cafe "Ai Tal Gabon".

Why don't you visit a public bath, a bookstore and a cafe to finish your day?

Especially public baths and bookstores that you visit after sunset have a different excitement from daytime.

During the day, if you walk a little to the east, you will see Kamogawa River, and if you walk to the west, you will see Kyoto Gyoen.

454 Tawaraya-cho, Nishi-Sambomikidori Marutamachi-agaru, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City
3 minutes walk from Keihan Jin-gu Marutamachi Station

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