"Doshisha Cemetery" at which Joseph Hardy Neesima and the Yae Clan rest

High school students in uniform pass through the gate of the university entrance examination season has come.

It makes me want to cheer when I go to the test site with a nervous look.

In Kyoto, known as the "university town," there are about 30 universities and 10 junior colleges.

In 2025, Doshisha University will celebrate its 150 year anniversary.

November 29 is the anniversary of the founding of Doshisha University.

Joseph Hardy Neesima (Joe NIIJIMA), also known as a Christian educator, is the founder of the university.

The residence where Joseph Hardy Neesima and his wife Yae lived is open to the public as the Niijima Old House in spring and autumn.

In this article, we will introduce you to the "Doshisha Cemetery" where Mr. and Mrs. Niijima sleep.

On January 23, 1890, Joseph Hardy Neesima (Joe NIIJIMA) died in Kanagawa Prefecture at the age of 46.

It is said that after the funeral on January 27, they were carried by students and buried in this place.


The Doshisha cemetery is located on the top of Mt. Nyakuoji in Shishigatani.

There is an entrance at the southern end of Tetsugaku no michi, beside Kumano Nyakuoji-jinja Shrine, and it takes about 25 minutes to climb the mountain path.

At the entrance, a bamboo cane provided by 'Doshisha Nyakuojikai' and 'Nyakuojicho Chonai-kai' is placed.

I am proud of being a good walker, so I gratefully picked up one and climbed it.

We can return the cane in front of the cemetery on the top of the mountain, so we can leave the cane when you go down.

Even though the scaffolding is well prepared, it is a rather hard mountain road, so sneakers are essential.

There is no sign of people on the mountain path, so I recommend you to climb with more than one person.

At this time of the year, the autumn leaves are beautiful and you will be able to climb with a refreshing feeling.


The cemetery where Christians such as foreign missionaries are buried.

You can see gravestones engraved with a cross and gravestones shaped like a cross.

The gravestone of Joseph Hardy Neesima (Jo NIIJIMA) is said to have been carved by Kaishu KATSU into a natural stone in Kurama, Kyoto.

The current gravestone is the third one rebuilt in 1987 due to collapse and other reasons.

The calligraphy of Kaishu KATSU, "新島襄," has been handed down without a horizontal bar.

To the left of the gravestone of Joseph Hardy Neesima (Joe NIIJIMA) is the gravestone of his wife Yae, and the gravestone of her older brother Kakuma YAMAMOTO has also been erected.

It is said that the inscription of Yae's wife was written by Soho Tokutomi, a student of Jo.

It is also lovely that the character for "島" in 新島八重 (Niijima Yae) is "嶋".

Every year, prayer services are held on November 29, the anniversary of the founding of Doshisha University, and on January 27, the day Joseph Hardy Neesima passed away.

Even in the mountainous graveyard, I feel that the "Spirit of establishment" of the founder, Joseph Hardy Neesima (Joe NIIJIMA), has been passed down from generation to generation.

Doshisha Cemetery
Shishigataniyamacho, Sakyo-ward, Kyoto-city, Kyoto
10 minutes walk from Nanzen-ji, Eikando-Michi, City bus stop (to Kumano Nyakuoji-jinja Shrine)
20 minutes walk from Kumano Nyakuoji-jinja Shrine (to the top of Mt. Nyakuoji)

Here is for Philosopher's Path and Kumano Nyakuoji-jinja Shrine

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