"晴鴨楼 (Sei Kou Rou)" Inn, founded in 1831

Modern hotels are attractive, but I also want to stay at a Japanese style inn with a history.

Located east of Gojo-ohashi Bridge, '晴鴨楼 (SEI KO RO)' was founded in 1831.

It is a government-registered international tourist inn that has received a star in the Michelin Guide.

The authentic Japanese architecture such as the wooden main building built in 1901 has an outstanding presence.

At this time of the year, large chrysanthemums and small chrysanthemums displayed in the garden of the entrance and guest rooms make the grand building look gorgeous.

All rooms are equipped with an indoor bath and toilet, and for dinner a Kyoto Kaiseki course is delivered to your room.

The bath is an artificial hot spring with lavishly used Maki trees in the bathtub, and you can also enjoy breakfast in your room.

All rooms have free Wi-Fi and USB outlets.

Why not enjoy "Stay Inn" which is the most luxurious thing on your trip?

We can enjoy different tastes in each room in the traditional Japanese building.

The renovated annex has Japanese and Western style rooms with a view of Higashiyama and beds.

We can choose from a variety of accommodation plans and room types, including a room where we can stay with our small pet dog.

Of course, there is also a large public bath, so it is good to enjoy bathing in a more spacious bath.

There is also a room for a day trip, and the plan where you can enjoy only the Kaiseki course dinner is also popular.

We can also take a bath, so it is recommended for a short trip or a gathering with your family or important people.


A long-established ryokan with lattice windows and Inuyarai, the traditional wooden architecture of Kyoto's townhouses drawing attention.

Even though it has a long history, it is well maintained and we can spend our time comfortably in a clean space.

We can see the careful work from the small shrine of Jizo enshrined by the lattice window.

467 Nishi-tachibana-cho, Gojo-sagaru, Toiya-cho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City
2 minute walk from Keihan Kiyomizu Gojo Station

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