"鵺 (Nue) Legend" of Shinmei-jinja Shrine

The specter "鵺 (Nue)", which appears in "Heike Monogatari" (The tale of the Heike), was introduced in "KYOTO CHISHIN" the other day.

In this article, we introduce a shrine where MINAMOTO no Yorimasa visited to pray before killing the Nue under the imperial order of Emperor Konoe.

Shinmei-jinja Shrine is located in Takakura, Ayakoji Street close to Shijo Karasuma.

It is said to be the site of the residence of FUJIWARA no Tadamichi, a court noble of the late Heian period, and it is said that Emperor Konoe often visited there.

The residence of Tadamichi which was called 'Shijo Dairi' or 'Shijo Higashinotoin Dairi'.

It is said that the guardian shrine on the site is Shinmei-jinja Shrine.

Yorimasa, who was a master of the bow, together with his retainer, I no Hayata, killed the Nue with Yumiya.

After that, it is said that the two bows and arrows "Yajiri" were dedicated to Shinmei-jinja Shrine.

Yorimasa's "Yajiri" is passed down as a treasure of the shrine and is open to the public at festivals every September.

A photograph of "Yajiri" and a picture in the image of Yorimasa's "Nue extermination" are displayed in the main hall.


Also, 'Ayako Tenman-gu Shrine' is enshrined together at Shinmei-jinja Shrine.

Ayako is said to have been TAJIHI no Ayako who was menoto (a woman providing breast-feed to a highborn baby) of SUGAWARA no Michizane.

In the precincts, Amaterasu Omikami (the Sun Goddess) and SUGAWARA no Michizane are enshrined as the enshrined deities.

In addition to Shinmei-jinja Shrine, there are four other Ayako Tenman-gu Shrines in Kyoto City.

"Nue extermination" was also born and handed down in various places in Kyoto and Osaka.

Shinmei-jinja Shrine was originally managed by a temple called Gokokuzan Ryugan-ji Enko-in Temple.

In the early Meiji period, the Ordinance Distinguishing Shinto and Buddhism only allowed shrines to remain.

Nowadays, it is rare that it is managed by people in Shinmei-cho where the shrine is located.

It is a small shrine that blends into the residential area and passes by if you don't know.

Why don't you pay attention to small shrines and temples when you walk around?

You may come across an unexpected history or legend.

Shinmei-jinja Shrine
Shinmeicho, Ayakoji Street Takakura Nishi-iru, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City
5 minutes walk from Hankyu Karasuma Station or Subway Shijo Station

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