In folk belief, long-used or kept things become inhabited by a spirit

For those who have already finished their work and those who are still working, thank you for your hard work.

I would like to welcome the new year with gratitude for the work tools I have used almost every day in the past year.

Careful handling of work tools is very important for comfortable work.

Also, I want to dispose of unused tools with all my heart without leaving them as they are.

In Kyoto, there is a custom to hold a memorial service for old tools.

In "KYOTO CHISHIN", we introduced various memorial services such as a memorial service for old books, a memorial service for business cards, and a memorial service for combs.

Some people may think of Tsukumo-gami (in folk belief, long-used or kept things become inhabited by a spirit) at the end of the year when the big house cleaning ceremony is held.

Tsukumo-gami is a specter transformed by old tools abandoned in the Heian period in order to retaliate against humans.

It has been believed that they live in groups in the mountains and spread out in towns to do harm to humans.

It is also introduced in "Tsukumo-gami Emaki (picture book)" written in the Heian period.

Among them, a legend called "Hyakki Yako" was born in which Tsukumogami marched in the middle of the night.

Taishogun Shopping Street on Ichijo-dori Street in Kyoto is said to have become a route for Hyakki Yako.

It is called "Yokai Street" and you can feel the signs of Tsukumo-gami at many shops in the shopping street.

For example, "Nishiki Kagetsu-do Chaho tea store" has "Nurari-hyon".

It is a specter that is said to come into a person's house without permission during busy hours in the evening, drink tea and smoke.

"Nurari-hyon" is said to have left without knowing it, but it has a stable presence in this shop.

The one standing to the right of 'Nurarihyon' is Tsukumo-gami of a teapot.

It is even named "Hyottoko Kyutaro" and you can see it coexists with humans.

It is only in this age that they greet you with masks.


The owner who holds the title of a Japanese tea instructor runs the "Nishiki Kagetsu-do Chaho tea store" that sells Uji tea and tea utensils.

Hyakki Yako, a blend of roasted soybeans and roasted green tea, is also on sale.

The handmade soft peanuts "Nurari Mame beans" are also original products related to the monster.

Why don't you take a rest with your special Uji tea after work or house cleaning?

It is also good to go around the shops in the shopping street and look for each Tsukumo-gami and original products.

You can learn about specters such as Tsukumo-gami at "Hyakki Yako Shiryokan Library" in the shopping street.

Nishiki Kagetsu-do Chaho tea store
15, Ichijo-dori Gozen Higashi-iru Nishi-machi, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City (in the Taishogun Shopping Street)
8 minutes walk from Randen Kitano Hakubaicho Station

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