High school runners running through Kyoto in December

"Shiwasu (December)" ran through this year in no time.

December is also called "師走 (Shiwasu)", which means "Teacher runs".

And the Ekiden starts in December every year in Kyoto.

The first one is the National High School Ekiden on December 26.

It will connect the women's Ekiden in January, Daimon-ji Ekiden in February, and Wheelchair Ekiden in March.

High school runners run through the city streets at the end of the year.

As the day of the Ekiden approaches, the sight of athletes wearing jerseys running in the city of Kyoto is also a special feature.


High school athletes from all over the country gather in Kyoto for the Ekiden.

Among them, "Shogo-in Gotenso" in Shogo-in Monzeki Temple is popular as a player's lodging.

There is a legend that you can win the ekiden by putting your feet in the foot bath of Shirakawa in this courtyard.

Local people feel the end of the year when they see high school buses lined up at Shogo-in Gotenso.

Shogo-in Monzeki Temple, located on the north side of Heian-jingu Shrine, is the head temple of Honzan Shugen Sect.

There are "Shoin" which is an important cultural property and "Ichiya-zukuri Gogakumonjo" which is related to Emperor Kokaku.

Among them, "Shogo-in Gotenso" is open to the public as an accommodation facility.

When the Imperial Palace was burned down in the Great Fire of Tenmei in the Edo period, Emperor Kokaku stayed there as a temporary Imperial Palace.

It is also known as an accommodation facility for ekiden athletes and students on school trips.

Shogo-in Gotenso has been closed since December 2021 due to renewal work.

Some of them opened in July 2022, and a restaurant is scheduled to open in October.

At this time next year, it will be lively again with Ekiden athletes and students on school trips.

Of course, ordinary people can also stay here, so why don't you check it when you go sightseeing in Kyoto?

It is located close to sightseeing spots such as Heian jin-gu Shrine, but the quiet environment is also attractive.

Shogo-in Gotenso
15 Shogo-in Nakamachi, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City
12 minutes walk from Keihan Jin-gu Marutamachi Station

Here is Ekiden is popular in Kyoto, the birthplace of Ekiden!

Here is for Hora-gai mikuji (Triton shell fortune) by Shogo-in Monzeki Temple

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