A children's park that tells the story of Nue (鵺)

"鵺 (Nue)" is a specter that appears in "Heike Monogatari" (The Tale of the Heike) and was introduced in "KYOTO CHISHIN" the other day.

In Daishogun- jinja Shrine and Shinmei-jinja Shrine, there is a legend that MINAMOTO no Yorimasa, a master of archery, killed the Nue.

The place related to the Nue Legend is Nijo Park located northwest of the former Imperial Villa Nijo Castle.

There is a part of the pond called "Nue-ike Pond.".

It is said that this is the place where MINAMOTO no Yorimasa washed the bloody "heckler" after shooting down the Nue with Yumiya (bow and arrow).

It is said that Yorimasa killed Nue twice, so it was one of them.

This area was the center of politics in the Heian period, and there was also the Imperial Palace where the Emperor lived.

It is said that an especially important government office was located in the area including this Nijo-koen Park at that time.

Nijo-koen Park was opened as a children's amusement park in the site of the 'Great Kyoto Exhibition commemorating the enthronement of Emperor Showa.'.

After that, due to the deterioration of the facility, it was redeveloped into the present park after a large-scale renovation.


The Hokora (a small shrine) of 'Nue Daimyojin' and the Nue-ike Pond monument are located further north of the Nue-ike Pond.

Along with Nue Daimyojin, Tamahime Daimyojin and Asahi Daimyojin are enshrined at Hokora.

In the Edo period, there was also the "Nue Ishi stone," which was believed to be cursed if touched, but there seems to be no such stone now.


Another highlight of Nue Daimyojin's hokora is "Kibana.".

Kibana is a part of a pillar that protrudes from the main hall of a temple or shrine.

This wooden nose is often carved with craftsmanship.

They range from animal motifs such as lions, baku and dragons to plant motifs such as flowers and leaves.

On the hokora of Nue Daimyojin, there is a sculpture that seems to be Baku in it.

The baku is an imaginary animal in China, with the nose of an elephant, eyes of a rhinoceros, hair of a cow, and legs of a tiger.

Indeed, there is something similar to Nue which has a face of monkey, a body of raccoon dog, limbs of tiger, and a tail of snake.

When you visit Nue Daimyojin, a temple, or a shrine, why don't you pay attention to Kibana?

Nue-ike Pond, Nue Daimyojin
910 -40 Shuzei-cho, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City (in Nijo-koen Park)
3 minutes walk from Marutamachi Chiekoin, City bus stop

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