The Great Ema of Toyokuni-jinja Shrine and "Shofuku Byakko"

Finally, from 2021 to 2022, the Oriental zodiac starts from the "丑(Ox)" to the "寅(Tiger)".

The year 2022 is called "壬寅 (Mizunoe-tora)" and occurs once every 60 years.

Speaking of the Oriental zodiac, we can count by the "十二支 (Ju-ni-shi)" which is familiar to Japanese.

Originally, there were 60 different Oriental zodiac signs in which "十支 (Jikkan)" were added.

The "十支 (Jikkan)" is "甲. 乙. 丙. 丁. 戊. 己. 庚. 辛. 壬. 癸".

It is around 1 year in 60 years because 60 signs of the Oriental zodiac including 12 signs and 10 signs are advanced every 1 year.

Also, if you combine the Oriental zodiac with Kyusei Kigaku, the astrological divination, it becomes the year of "五黄の寅 (Go-ou no Tora)".

This cycle occurs once every 36 years, and is said to be the strongest year among the Year of the 寅 (Tiger), which is said to be particularly strong in money luck in the 十二支 (Ju-ni-shi).

The year of the 寅 (Tiger), when new life and fortune begin, seems to be the best year to start a new life.

Now, temples and shrines are enveloped in a welcoming spring atmosphere with the display of New Year's O-Ema (Great votive tablets).

Out of all the great Ema, this time I will introduce you to the great Ema of Toyokuni-jinja Shrine, which benefits you in your promotion and fortune.

Toyokuni-jinja Shrine is a shrine that enshrines Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a famous military commander in Azuchi-Momoyama period.

The picture of a tiger dressed as Lord Hideyoshi with the gourd's Umajirushi on the great Ema is impressive!

The character of "出世開運 (good luck for career advancement)", which is typical of Hideyoshi who achieved the unification of the whole country, is also a strong one.

This great Ema was made and dedicated by students of the nearby Kyoto Women's University.

You can also enjoy finding the heart mark that says "hidden character" hidden on the great Ema.


In addition, a three-dimensional object of Byakko appears on the left side of the Karamon gate, which is a national treasure.

This work was created and dedicated by a student of Kyoto University of Arts and Crafts.

A golden gourd is tied around the neck of a white tiger and it is perfect for praying for good luck.

Along with Great Ema, you can feel the strong energy of local students and the bond with the shrine.

Toyokuni-jinja Shrine is said to have been named after Hideyoshi, who rose from a commoner to Tenkabito (the ruler of the country), and is believed to bring good luck in his promotion.

Why don't you go there for the first shrine visit of the year of "五黄の寅 (Go-ou no Tora)"?

Normally, you cannot enter through the Karamon gate, a national treasure, but it is open only during the first three days of the new year.

You can go through the Karamon gate and go to the main shrine to pray.

Toyokuni-jinja Shrine
530 Yamato-oji Shomen Chaya-cho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City
5 minutes walk from Hakubutsukan-Sanjusangen-do Mae, City bus stop

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