Tengu and Ushiwakamaru in Kurama

We introduced Kurama-dera Temple in this "KYOTO CHISHIN" article the other day.

The temple is known for its "Koma Tora" (guardian tigers), and this year, the Year of the Tiger, attracts a particularly large number of visitors.

Speaking of the symbol of Kurama, Tengu is also famous.

It is said that Kurama Tengu lives on Mt. Kurama, and the whole mountain is worshipped.

In front of Kurama Station on the Eizan Electric Railway, the statue of "Great Tengu" is four meters tall.

The current statue of the Great Tengu is the second set since October 2019.

The statue of the first one was retired due to its aging and broken nose caused by heavy snow.

The second one inherits the strong image of the first generation, but features a gentle expression.

Furthermore, in September 2021, it was changed into the costume type decoration for Great Tengu giving it a more realistic appearance.

The Great Tengu and costume decorations were designed by students at Kyoto Seika University along the Eizan train line.

"Great Tengu" in the New Year also had snow on his nose, but he seemed to be enduring it.

A mask of "Tengu" is displayed on the platform of Kurama Station, and it feels like you have come to Kurama.

It is not surprising that Tengu flies in the mountains, and it is surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere.


Mt. Kurama is also said to be where Ushiwakamaru (MINAMOTO no Yoshitsune) trained at the end of the Heian period.

It is said that Tengu taught the secret ceremony to Ushiwakamaru at this sacred place.

In the shop in front of Kurama station, there are Tengu masks and "Tengu senbei".

If you buy it as a souvenir, my house may become a power spot.

In addition, 'Kinome-ni' is a famous dish in front of the gate of Kurama-dera Temple.

According to one theory, Ushiwakamaru used to eat it, and it was pickled in salt such as Akebi no Tsuru, Sansho no Bud and Yamabuki.

It is said that the word "pickled tree bud" was changed to "Kinome-ni.".

Furthermore, the Kurama-kaido Road is said to have been popular as one of the Saba-kaido Road connecting Kyoto and Wakasa.

There is a theory that Konbu-ni was born by adding Konbu brought from Wakasa to Kinome-zuke.

Konomeni has been supporting the diet of people living in Kurama for a long time as a preserved food.

Why don't you buy Kinome-ni at each shop in front of the gate and compare them at home?


Try the "Ushiwaka-mochi" and "Shinko-mochi" from "Tamondo" as souvenirs!

Ushiwaka-mochi is a rice cake with tochino nuts kneaded in it and koshian "Tamondo specialty" inside.

Shinko mochi is a simple sweet twist rice cake that you should try this year of the Year of the Tiger "Kurama Specialty".

It is also interesting to follow the footsteps of Tengu and Ushiwakamaru that remain around Kurama station.

235 Kurama Honmachi, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City
A short walk from Kurama Station of Eizan Electric Railway

Here is for "A-un no Tora" at Kurama-dera Temple

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