Sat,Sep 7,2019

<The 1st stage>
The door opens at 17:00
The show starts at 17:30
<The 2nd stage>
The door opens at 19:30
The show starts at 20:00



This event will be broadcast on the midnight of November 4 on MBS and other JNN stations nationwide.



There are many prestigious temples designated as World Heritage sites in Japan. It has always been said that Japanese traditional culture, art and entertainment have been produced and developed over the long history.
To preserve the beautiful cultural heritage and to stress the importance of passing this heritage on to the next generation, the artistic event series OTOBUTAI has been held in the precincts of prestigious temples in Kyoto and Nara annually, with the participation and collaboration of world class artists based on the theme of "Encounter of the East and the West."

In 1989, OTOBUTAI was first held at Kinkaku-ji, known as the Golden Pavilion. Since then, it has been held at renowned Japanese temples up to now, including Sennyuji, Sanzenin, Kiyomizudera, Byodoin, Toji, Enryakuji, Daigoji, Daikakuji, Nijojo, Horyuji, Mampukuji, Yakushiji, Ninnaji, Tofukuji, Toshodaiji, Todaiji, Nishi Hongwanji (in chronological order.)
This special artistic “space” created in OTOBUTAI is produced for only one night. Great performances at the space mesmerize not only Japanese but all audiences throughout the world.
This unique and innovate event will become your unforgettable stage without doubt.




【gagaku player】

Hideki Togi is a Gagaku (ancient Japanese court music) musician renowned for creating his own harmony that draws out the uniqueness of each instrument. The Togi family has a tradition of passing down Gagaku for over 1300 years since the Nara period. He was a member of the music department of the Imperial Household Agency and played Hichiriki as his main instrument, Biwa, Tsuzumi, cello, and also sang and danced. He has performed in numerous ceremonies at the Imperial Palace and participated in overseas concerts, and is actively collaborating with artists in various fields.



Shinobu Otake is Japan’s leading actress celebrated across generations. Her multi-faceted talent is revealed in movies, theatres, TV dramas, music, and many other genres, appearing in numerous distinguished works. She has received many awards including the 60th Japan Record Award for Excellent Album for “SHINOBU avec PIAF” in 2018, the Medal with Purple Ribbon from the Government of Japan in 2011, and the Grand Prix of Kazuo Kikuta Theatre Award in 2019.



Sarah Àlainn is a vocalist from Australia, known for her vocal range that spans over 3 octaves. Last year, she sang for the Taiga drama series “Segodon”. All of her released albums reached No.1 on the Japanese classical music charts and she has collaborated with many renowned artists including Andrea Bocelli and Vienna Boys Choir. Earlier this year, Àlainn held her first concert in Europe at the Verdi Theatre in Italy. She is also the current Goodwill Ambassador of ‘Australia now’.


【ballet dancer】

Sergei Polunin is a virtuoso ballet dancer from Ukraine, described as the maverick of ballet. With his exceptional talent, he became the principal of The Royal Ballet at the age of 19 where he found his fame. Currently, Polunin is the guest principal star at the Munich State Ballet. He also produces his own performances, collaborating with artists around the world. In 2017, his documentary film was released which received wide public attention.



Kyohei Sorita is an acclaimed young pianist on the rise who fascinates the audience with his dynamic performance. He entered the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory as top of the class and is currently enrolled in the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music. He debuted in 2016 and sold out all 2000 seats of the Tokyo Suntory Hall. His first orchestra tour and solo recital tour in the following year were also sold out and his new endeavors have always been capturing attention.



Benjamin Appl is German baritone singer celebrated for his delicate soulful voice in mastery of both low and high tones. He has performed in the world’s major concert halls and music festivals, captivating the hearts of the audience. Since 2014, he has been honored with various young artist awards. Last year, he debuted in Japan performing with NHK Symphony Orchestra conducted by Paavo Järvi. He is a rising star that must not be missed.

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