A suspicious box

One day, one year has passed we moved to our house.

I went back home and opened a front door.

There was an old wooden box in the porch.


"Whose box is this?"

My wife was out of the house for the night. I was just myself.

I live in middle of nowhere in the mountain, I was scared and it gave me chills.

Fox? Snow woman?

You might think I'm bit funny, but I was so serious felt something and went out the house and try to see something.

But there was nothing around my house.

So I went back to the front and opened the suspicious box.

Nothing in there.



I was starting at a sudden cries of deer.

So I made a phone call to my wife.

And she said "I have no idea what you are talking about. You can ask our neighbor might know it."

Then I called my neighbor.

He said
"Uh huh?? Oh yes yes, I see that's our local tradition, we use that old box and offer a festive red rice to the local shrine for wishing of rich harvest."

I see, that makes sence.

It's very nice to have a uniqe tradition, but I don't want to get scared...