Aoi matsuri

There are three well-known festivals in Kyoto, Aoi Matsuri, and Gion Matsuri, and Jidai Matsuri.

May 15 is the day of Aoi Matsuri, the oldest festival of Kyoto since 567 AC.

It's a festival of harvest.

About 500 people parade dressed in Heian era kimono costumes from Kyoto Imperial Palace to Kamigamo shrine.


There is a shrine called Kamo shrine since 1,000 years that is the branch shrine of Kamigamo shrine in Keihoku.

Every local gathered in the shrine and had a festival on May 15th too.

A deity of thunder is enshrined in the shrine. So we pray for rich harvests and safe from thunder.

Our lumberjacks will be safe not getting struck by lightning.

What do you think this is?

This is katsura branch with aoi (hollyhock) leaves.

Every local put this in front of the house.

So this is an amulet for protection from thunder.

This custom has been inherited from a thousand years ago,
It is great that people of Keihoku really cherish their belief and culture.


Thankfully I got an amulet for our house, so our family and the house won't get struck by lighting this year.