Mecca of Ayu fishing

Have you ever taste Ayu(sweetfish)?

Ayu is one of the most popular river fish in Japan.

It's really tasty if like river fish. And they have a different taste by the river (temperature, water, and moss).

If you haven't tried ayu yet, I recommend you to try to taste the summer of Japan.

They are anadromous fish like a salmon.

They get born in downstream and go to the ocean. And then they come up to the river in the spring and they go down the river to lay eggs and finish their life.

We don't have a real wild ayu in Keihoku. because we have a dam in our river.
So Ayu fishes cannot come up.

Kamikatsura river fishery cooperatives release the baby Ayu fishes into the river every year.

Keihoku locals used to offer ayu fishes to the imperial family from the 8th century to the 19th century.

Because Keihoku's ayu is really good quality.

Ayu like a clean river and eat the mosses.

So Keihoku's Kamikatsura river is a perfect place for them.

To fish Ayu, we use a unique fishing method called "Tomozuri".

Ayu have a habit to have a territory and if another ayu comes into ayu's the territory it would attack another ayu.

Tomozuri is using that ayu's habit to fish ayu.

Put an alive ayu on hook and let it swim to another ayu's territory and another ayu attack the ayu then catch ayu by the other hook.


※To fish ayu, you need to buy a ticket.

Price of the recreational fishing ticket (free for the age of under 18 years old.)
Annual ticket 13,900 yen (site charge 16,600 yen)
Daily ticket 4,500 yen From June 27 (field charge 6,700 yen)
Annual ticket 5,200 yen (site charge 6,200 yen)
Daily ticket 2,000 yen (site charge 3,000 yen)

Miscellaneous fish
Annual ticket 2,300 yen (site charge 2,700 yen)
Daily ticket 700 yen (site charge 800 yen)

※ As fishing fees are used for the release, please cooperate.