Mowing exercise

I hear "Wheeen!" sound from fields at this time of year,
It's the sound of a mower.
In this season, vegetables grow rapidly, but also grasses grow rapidly.

Actually, mowing is very important in Keihoku life.
If you cut the grass properly, you will be recognized as "a decent person".
because if you don't cut the grass, they grow like a wild and it will be harder to cut them.
And many insects proliferate and damage crops.

To get notice venomous snakes in the grass, it's easier not to have long grass.
So it's better to cut them.

However, I need it done.

And be a decent person!

Mowing the grass with a potable mower can be a good exercise, and you feel refreshed after you finish.

I move forward little by little while swinging the mower like a pendulum of a clock.

I twist my hip while doing it that might work on my body to have a pretty curved waist. well, I wish.

Mowing is repeating the same movement. It's tiring but makes me runner's high after doing a while.

"Mowing the grass is not a job! It's an exercise!"
With that as my motto, I will enjoy the mowing this year.