loofah eco-friendly sponge

My farmer friend gave me loofahs.

I brought them back to my office and put them on the desk, it looked like modern art and cool.

Nature makes the most beautiful shapes.

they look like a face when seen from the cross-section of the round slice.


Recently, the microplastic pollutions of the ocean appear in the news more as Starbucks coffee stopped using plastic straws.

Microplastics are released in large quantities after washing clothes made of chemical fibers such as fleece.

The trouble is that microplastics are so small that they pass through the sewage filters.

Fish and other maline life eat plastics, and we humans are eating them and get plastics.

With this loofah sponge, you don't have to worry about microplastic from the kitchen or bathroom.

Of course, it is very comfortable to use.

I think the old lifestyle like Satoyama lifestyle has many hints for solving social issues.

I like new technology, but I think the traditional wisdom of Satoyama is wonderful.

It is exactly Satoyama chishin.

How about using a loofah sponge instead of plastic sponge?