Yatsura shrine amulet

The other day, a neighbour brought a new amulet provided by a local shine for next year.

Our local shrine is Yatsura Shrine for Satoyama design's office.

We enshrined the amulet in the Shinto altar of the office.
(There is Shinto altar in many office in Japan.)

We got two amulets, Yatsura Shrine and Amaterasu omikami.

I think our guardian deity protected us well. We would be able to end this year without any problems. Thanks!


This is the Yatsura shrine. There are several shrines in the shrine.
We enshrine many Shinto deities and have a shrine for each deity. (Main shrine is shared by some deities.)

there is also a special shrine called Ushi-jinja that enshrines the spirits of farm animals.

An old house in Keihoku had a room for cattle. Cattles were very important for local people like a family because they helped farm work.

Yatsura shrine is about 10mins walk from the Keihoku JR bus terminal. It would be a nice walk.

Yatsura Shrine
28 Shiroyama,Shuzan-cho, Keihoku, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City