Fish head stuck on a branch

The landlady lives behind the office. The other day I was taking a break behind the office.
And I found something unusual on the wall of the landlady's house.

A head of a fish is stuck in a branch?

The landlady has a cat, so is it the cat food?

No, it should be not.

Ohh maybe the landlord has awakened to modern art?

Maybe not...

Is it a kind of joke?

She is a kinda serious person. so I don't think so. ・・・。

I had no idea what it is.

DSC_0707.jpgI googled and found out that there is a custom called Hiiragi-iwashi (holly-Yellowtail sardine), in which sardines are stuck in hiiragi branch and displayed near the entrance on Setsubun day. This custom is common all over Japan..

The prickly leaves of holly poke the ogre's eyes, so the ogre does not enter from the entrance, and the smell of burning sardines and smoke keep ogre away.

It seems to be an old custom. And the fish branch thing is a kinda lucky charm.

Even I'm Japanese. It was a culture shock. Never seen like that before.

Japanese culture is interesting. And I think it's wonderful that such culture still remains in Keihoku.

This is another Hiiragi-iwashi.

It really looks like a modern art...
Now that I know about the Hiiragi-iwashi custom, I think this is more like a classic art that gives a glimpse of Japanese spiritual culture than modern art.