BLOGArt & Craft2018.12.15

The way to enjoy winter by making handicrafts at Matsuhashi variety shop

I used to buy things like muffler and gloves when I lived in the city because there are many shops nearby.

But after I moved to Keihoku, there are no shops so I started to enjoy making things by myself.

Today, I joined the "handicrafts day" at Matsuhashi variety shop.
Matsuhashi variety shop is new, it just has opened last month.

It looks wonderful inside the shop, and they sell leather goods and original handmade products.

Owner renovated the shop by himself.
He renovated the shop
very attractive, and it has retro and calm atmosphere.


The picture is a sewing kit made of cowhide.
They also sell deer and wild boar leather goods and handmade sweets.

They open only on Friday and Saturday. And they also open as a café.

You can have the tasty pizza baked by owner
's handmade stone oven and delicious home roasted coffee.


They occasionally hold the
"handicrafts day" on Friday.

's wife started the handicrafts day. She said " It's ok to make things by myself, but it's more fun to make things with friends and it's wonderful that things done while we are chatting."

Owner's wife did sewing. And I did knitting.
While we making, we chat a lot about Christmas presents, and the life in Keihoku and so on.

Winter in Keihoku is intense but "handicrafts day" makes it happier.

Next workshop will be on 21st December.

I should bring my knitting again!!

Matsuhashi Zakkaten
(Matsuhashi variety shop)
Open Every Friday and Saturday
10am to 3pm
Adress: 23-1 Miyanoue Tou-cyo Keihoku Ukyo-ku Kyotoshi Kyoto