BLOGArt & Craft2019.01.10

Keihoku craft series ② "Yama no kagu koubou" (wood craft)

Keihoku craft series!!

So today I want to introduce you "Yama no kagu koubou"
This is Mr. Kouichi Toji.

The workshop and gallery were renovated by Mr.Toji.
At the gallery we can see beautifully made wooden chairs, tables, oval boxes and more. We can feel the warmth of wood and spirit the artisan from all products.

You can order custom made furnitures here.

From the window of the gallery, you can say hello to their pet goat.

You can also have a experience to make chopsticks, butter knife or spoon.
Guests from Switzerland are trying to make chopsticks.

With the owner Mr.Toji and his wife.

Why don't you visit their gallery and find artisan's real works!

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Yama no kagu koubou