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Keihoku craft series ③ "Leather craft TAKU "

Keihoku craft series vol.3 is "Leather craft TAKU"

We have so many craftmen and artisans in Keihoku.
It's difficult for me to dicide intoroducing who first.
Then I looked at my wallet... hu huh.

I asked "Leather craft TAKU" to make a custom made wallet for me about a year ago, and I have been using the wallet since then.

I love my wallet fitting me well and got a great taste by using for a year.

Please have look the photos the before and the after.

After a year↓


What do you think? It got a good taste, didn't it?

Mr. TAKU has a blog of his works. Please check it out, My wallet is on there too.

If you want have custom made leather craft, he is the one you can trast.

From small accessories and belts or bags anything he can make by leather.


Even he built his own workshop by himself.

Also Mr. TAKU loves old motor bikes, he loves custom bikes using leaather.


Leather craft TAKU

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