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Enjoy spring by making flower wreath

Spring flowers and wild herbs are coming out in Satoyama Keihoku.

feels so good.

My wife participated in a flower wreath making workshop by Taphy Nosse of the other day in Keihoku.

Her new wreath is looking pretty good.
Our room got to be stylish by hanging the wreath on the wall.


On a fine day After a few days from the wreath workshop.

My wife has suddenly disappeared from the house. But she was in the house just 10mins before.

Then our Kids started crying... where did she go?
I went finding her around my house with a bit irritated feeling.
She popped out of the bush.

And she said that

"I learned how to collect the material for making wreaths on the workshop. So I am picking herbs and flowers. I'm so lucky getting these pretty plants for free! Keihoku is awesome!! This is a pile of treasures!!

After that, my wife was diligently drying the harvested plants, with her eyes shining.


By looking at plants,

I would think ,

"Well, it's time I have to cut grass soon " like that.

But she would think,

"Wow, heaps of treasures here and there"

Humans are interesting.  Things can be changed  by how we looking at.
With this stiation, she is diffineately happy type.

This is the wreath artist Taphy Nosse.


Taphy told me "

I want people to feel the deep beauty of shadow not just light on surface, and vitality of nature and plants from my wreath. "

She has an exhibition at mumokuteki goods & wears Kyoto shop from May 18th to 31st.
Please check her exhibition and feel deep beauty and vitality. 

Taphy Nosse exhibition
「Ring a ring O vol.2」
mumokuteki goods & wears Kyoto shop