BLOGArt & Craft2019.05.14

Keihoku Craft Series ⑤ "GENTA YASUI ART LAB."  

I introduced Keihoku Atelier crawl in this blog before, so I visited an atelier while the event period.
The atelier I visited is Genta Yasui Art LAB.


Mr. Yasui's original artworks were exhibited in the atelier.

You can see the graphics resin that drawn on acrylic.

I was getting into his mysterious art world.



What do you think these are?

Actually, these are rings.
Wait, all shapes are not ring. Can I call them ring?

They are completely beyond the concept of my image of rings.

I thought these are uncomfortable to wear.
So I tried one of them.
"wow! it is pretty comfortable!"

I asked him how it can be so comfortable even this strange shape.

"I make these rings based on anatomy" he answered.

Well, that's why I feel comfortable.

Moreover, when the rings are not worn, it is also cool as a room ornament.

These skulls are also rings.

Honesty, skulls are not my type, they are kinda scary for me.
But Mr. Yasui's skulls are beautiful somehow. Maybe because of anatomy based work.


Such a cute piece too.


Mr. Yasui focuses on capturing the beauty in the dark and expressing it into his artwork.

This is Mr. Yasui with his daughter.

He works not only with jewelry and artworks but also with collaboration with local artisans.

By the way, on this day I asked him to adjust my wedding ring.

He is very friendly, so please feel free to contact him.
He would make something beyond your imagination.