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Erba kobo guesthouse

In recent years, farmhouse guesthouses have increased in Keihoku. So you can experience and enjoy deep rural Japan in Keihoku.

Among them, "Erba Kobo guesthouse" is one of the most distinctive.
At Erba Kobo guesthouse is like a modern art gallery in nature.

The owner Mr. Hagiwara self-built this place, and used to run a cafe gallery where you could see his and his wife Toshiko-san's artworks and also could have a nice pizza.

The bedroom on the second floor looks like this.


There 2 rooms for a relaxing space.
(You can sleep on a sofa bed if you want.)


This guest house is not only accommodation but also as a rental space with a kitchen, it is perfect for people who want to party in nature.

The guests were having a BBQ party when I visited there.
(BBQ facilities are free to use.)

Mr. Hagiwara and Toshiko-san love dogs, so pets are also welcome.
She also has a pet salon dedicated to small dogs, so you can also ask for a dog's haircut.

Of course, you can see their artworks at the guesthouse.


Toshiko-san is a felt artist and she makes cool hats, scarfs, brooches and other things.

Mr. Hagiwara is very talented. He is an iron artist and a potter, and he used to make race push bikes and other things.

They exude an exquisite atmosphere.


I love these laid back old man series.

Actually, I thinking to get one of them.

They are taking a cynical attitude toward the world and saying "I don't care what's going on in this world, And I go my way. "

They gave up from secular society and now at the state of enlightenment.

That, I felt like this by looking at them.

Actually, the model of those works is Mr. Hagiwara.

This wood stove is also made by Mr. Hagiwara.


He is planning to offer iron and pottery making deep learning 2 days workshop.
In the pottery workshop, He shows you how to make miniature pottery kiln and next day you can create pottery using own kiln. If you participate in the workshop, you will get own kiln and you can become a potter.

I really love to participate in this workshop.


"Recently, a lot of nice ideas come to mind, and I'm trying to make it happen. This guest house can be used in various ways, please feel free to contact us" Mr. Hagiwara says.

And the price is quite reasonable.

Please see the details below for details.
It's not well known yet, so I think I can now make a reservation on my favorite day.
Erba kobo guesthouse
31-9 Hazamadan Keihoku Shimoyuge, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City

Accommodation fee
¥ 5,000 per person per night (from 2 persons)
Whole building rental From ¥26,000.
Small dog 500 per night
Medium-sized dog 1,000per night

※ Meals are self-catering.
They can prepare a simple breakfast if you want.

Rental space (approximately 10 people available)
9:00 to 18:00 8,000 yen
18: 00-22: 00 5,000 yen
9: 00-22: 00 12,000 yen