BLOGArt & Craft2020.01.04

Hand made New Year's card

Happy New Year!!

I hope you will have a great Year!

Did you send New Year's cards?

We made our company's New Year's cards by ourselves.

In recent years, the use of New Year's cards have been decreasing, and I think that many people do so by email or telephone nowadays.

And some companies do not send New Year's cards in consideration of the environment.
I understand that way. But at the same time, I want to keep the analog traditions in order to fight with the too convenient world.


This year we made a simple wooden stamp.

Stamping one by one makes a nice taste.

They are same but different that what we like about handmade. Each one has own expression and warmth.

We introduce you to the warmth of Satoyama this year as well!

I wish you the best 2020!