BLOGArt & Craft2020.03.18

Craft exhibition

I heard a craft exhibition is ongoing by local welfare centers for people with special needs is being held in AWL Keihoku (Kyoto Seminar House), so I went to take a look.

(AWL-Keihoku is a public accommodation with many large and small seminar rooms. Adults can stay for 2,950 yen including tax. And students are cheaper. You'll find more information about it in the next article.)

The craft exhibition is held in Keihoku every spring by four welfare centers: Keihoku Yamaguni no Sato, Shakunage welfare workshop, Sonobe workshop, Miyama Ikuseien.

Let me show you all the wonderful works at the exhibition.

①Keihoku Yamaguni no Sato's works


Unique pictures and works using Saori weave are cute.


I buy coffee sometimes at a convenience store, so I bought a tumbler for coffee. Then I can refuse a one-use cup.
(Please note that the machine coffee drip machines do not fit the tumbler sometimes .)



These wooden cars move up and down like a worm. Used polished logs of Kitayama cedar. I bought it for my son.

②Shakunage welfare workshop

The work of Saori weaving is wonderful.


Coaster and Sandals used tearing cloth weave.


③ Miyama Ikuseien

The retro patterned cushion is exquisite.



④ Sonobe Welfare Workshop

The lamps and plates with stained glass were beautiful.


Accessories and chopstick rest are also nice.


I was just going to have a look, but I ended up buying various things.

All the handmade works were warm and very nice. It was a great exhibition.

The exhibition will be held until March 29, so please visit there.

Even if you can't go to the exhibition, some of the works of Yamaguni sato satogo and Shakunage welfare workshop are sold at the roadside station Woody Keihoku.

AWL Keihoku (Kyoto Seminar House)
2 Toridani, shimonaka-cho, Keihoku, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City