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SDGs' badge made in Keihoku Kyoto

Don't you hear "SDGs" in the news for the past year or two?

SDGs are "Sustainable Development Goals" and there are 17 goals and 169 targets. Simply put, let's aim for a sustainable society.


As a side note, there was the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) formulated in 2001, which were development goals for developing countries. And at the United Nations Summit in 2015, the MDGs were upgraded to SDGs so now that not only developing countries but also all countries could work together to create a sustainable society.

Don't you often see people wearing SDGs badges on their chests these days?

To be honest, I think it's a bit trendy and a bit tacky. It's probably made in China and didn't care so much about the environment in the process. Are those the SDGs?" I wondered.

One day as I was thinking about these thoughts of SDGs badges, a guest came to my office.

That was Mr. Nakai from Nakai Electric Construction Company.

Mr. Nakai "We decided to make SDGs badges at our company, and when I got to know about the SDGs and I was impressed by it. I want to many people know about it and I want to work together with many people on it. "

He brought a flyer and showed me.


Me "Ohh yes!? That's a good idea.

Mr. Nakai: "I have been done a lot of things to revitalize Keihoku, but we realized that the best way to revitalize a community is to create a place to work. So I collaborated with the Genta Yasui Art Labo an artist working in Keihoku, and decided to make SDGs badges. By making badges, we're gonna make a new job opportunity in the community!

Let me tell you why the SDGs badges' motif is glasses. Each person sees things differently. but by sharing common goals through the glasses, we can work together and make impossible to possible."

Me "Oh, I see. sounds good."

Mr. Nakai: "When I wore the SDGs badge, people would ask me questions about the SDGs, so I studied more about it so then I could explain them properly. It would be embarrassing if I couldn't explain it to people, as my company is making it.

I found out it's great to wear it. Because by wearing it, you are expressing to others your commitment to the SDGs, so then you can change your behavior and you can start talking about SDGs through the badge easily. You can spread the SDGs' actions and make more connections.

Me: "Yes, that's great! Please make one for me with my company name "Satoyama Design"!"

So, I ordered one.

I really sympathized with Mr. Nakai's passion, and the fact that Mr. Yasui(Yasui art Labo) made it by hand is also good.

And a stylish design.


You can put your company's logo on the right side.

The material is brass and the price is 5,800 yen (excluding tax).

Mr. Nakai specializes in electrical work, but he's also very good at welding plumbing, and in the last few years he's been making his own lighting fixtures using Keihoku wood, combining electricity and woodworking.

This time, they are working on the badge.

The idea of an electrician hiring an artist is a rare one, isn't it? It's interesting.

In the context of the SDGs, the 17th goal is "Achieving the goals in partnership."
From there, the region is revitalized.

The photo is Mr. and Mrs. Nakai are along well.


World peace begins with home peace.

If you would like an SDGs badge, please contact them below.

Nakai Electric Construction Co.
Seller: DMY GND
Please contact them at (to order by phone, please email them with the title and mention that you would like to order a badge by phone).
Click below to apply.

Please read the article about Genta Yasui Art Labo as well.