Tondo the ritual bonfire

In Keihoku, many rituals and customs carefully handed down from ancient time.

One of that custom New Year's bonfire is called "Tondo".
The previous year's talismans and lucky charms and Shimenawa are burnt and people pray for good fortune in the year to come.
The ritual of Tondo held on the 15th of January every year.

Children bring their calligraphy and burn it in the bonfire. If the calligaphy paper rises up very high, the writer's skill will improve.

Our grandma brings back that ash and sprinkles around to our house and to the farm.

She does it to wish no occurrence of diseases and disasters and rich harvest of five grain crops.

In Satoyama Keihoku, rituals and customs has been carefully undertaken to the present days.50035282_290197365017639_7714446139101020160_n.jpg