Get a lumberjacks goods

No Kikori No Satoyama

(Kikori is lumberjack in Japanese.)

We want to inherit skills and spirits of lumberjacks for next generations.

Kyoto Keihoku lumberjack championship will be held in collaboration with the Kyoto Keihoku Trail Running Competition and will be held jointly on Saturday, April 20th and Sunday 21st.

And, to get more people to know the lumberjacks and the championship, we set up cloud funding.

You can get a nice returns such as key ring and wood crafts, caricature by lunberjack painter (Mr. Seigo Yotsutsuji will draw), woodcutter towel, coffin of Hinoki by Iguchi wood and so on.

Illustrations by Mr.Seigo Yotsutsuji are quite punchy and interesting.

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Why don't you take this opportunity.

Of course I also helped.

Kyoto Keihoku Woodcutter Skills Competition
April 20 (Sat) 9: 00-16: 30 Experience Attractions
Sunday, April 21 (Sunday) 9: 00-16: 30 Games
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Keihoku Trail Running Competition

April 20 (Saturday)
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Please read the blog (the town of lumberjacks "KEIHOKU") to know more about lumberjacks.