Kyoto Keihoku Trail Running Competition

I have participated in the Kyoto Keihoku Trail Running Competition on Saturday, April 20th.
Running 18km course with mountains and valleys.

I could finish the run with a single-lens reflex camera in my hand. (Almost I walked.)

Living in Keihoku, there are mountains around my house, so I can run anytime.

But I'm a bit too lazy to run.

"I like nature and want to exercise, I know that exercise is good. But I can not get started easily. "

For those who like me, I would definitely recommend participating in a trail running competition.

If you participate in the competition, everyone is also doing the best, that makes you do your best. It will be a good opportunity to start the exercise.

And of course, it feels very good.
Breezing in the fresh air, running like a wild animal. It was the best.
I felt like I'm going back into the wild.

The panorama shot from the paragliding ground along the course.
It's so beautiful!

The Keihoku trail course is always open for you.
You can get the trail course map(Kyoto north edition) in Woody Keihoku. The price is 500 yen. It is sold in various places of Kyoto city. There are four trail courses in Kyoto called Kyoto Round Trail.

Let's find another Kyoto in mountain.

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