Rakugo in Keihoku

Do you know rakugo?

Rakugo is a classic one-person comedy show started about 300 years ago, and it is still popular.

Rakugoka (Rakugo teller) wears a kimono and sits on a cushion on stage.

A and a towel help a Rakugoka to play as various people.

He plays different characters in conversation.

To play each person, he changes his voice like a playing puppet.

And using a folding fan and a towel to express many things.

For example, the folding fan is used as chopsticks.

The rakugo show called Yose was held in a small community hall in Keihoku.

We invited master Shiodai Katsura.

Many people come and listen and watch his show.

His rakugo show was so funny.

At his show, they all burst into laughter.


That was a great atmosphere,x can not tasted at theaters in the city.

The master is coming to Keihoku in Autumn again.


I really look forward to watching the show again.

Have you been laughing lately?

Why don't you have a watch rakugo show!?