Keihoku summer festival information

It's a summer festival season!

Do you know Bon dance? (Bon odori)

Bon odori is a traditional fork dance.

You could see it at the summer festival in the evening.

The dancers wear yukata(Kind of kimono). And they circle around the wooden tower and dance with local Bon songs.

You can join the dancing circle that is very fun.

You can get a lottery ticket and could get a prize by joining it.

We have several festivals in Keihoku.

Each has different taste and it's fun.

・ Keihoku Summer Festival (Friday, August 16th)
Place: Woody Keihoku Parking area
(Keihoku Daiichi Elementary School Gymnasium if it rains)

Wadaiko(Japanese drum) performances, rock soran, fire performances, bon dances, lotteries, etc.

・ Yamaguni summer festival (Sunday, August 10) from 18:00
PlaceKeiboku Forest Park parking lot (with fireworks)

・ Utsu Summer Festival, (Thursday, August 15th) from 18:00
Place: UtsuKyo Park

・ Yumige area summer festival(Thursday, August 15th) from 18:00
Place: Keihoku Daisan Elementary School

Everyone is welcome! Please come and dance.