Fire ceremony "Agematsu"

There is a famous sacred bonfire in Kyoto "Gozan no okuribi" or "Daimonji", but also there are traditional fire ceremony in the moutainous areas of Kyoto. It's called "Age Matsu" or "Matsu Age".

There is a shrine called Atago jinja shrine in Kyoto. The shrine represents protection from fire.

So the locals have this ceremony with the wishes and the gratitudes of fire protection and rich harvest and health.

We have this ceremony in Ojio area Keihoku on Saturday, August 24th.

Local men throw torches into a big wooden container thing(2meters in diameter, 4meters in height.) on 15meters high pole called "Tourogi" with yelling diety's name.


It's exciting to have a look.

If you want to have a look, better to come with your own car or by taxi.
Local transportations are not working on this time.

There is parking space at the place.

・Ojio Agematsu
Date: Saturday, August 24th 20:00〜
Adress: Ojiocho, Keihoku, Ukyo-Ku, Kyoto