Keihoku summer festival 2019

I visited Keihoku summer festival on 16th August.

A lot of people came to the festival. I guess it was the most populated area in Keihoku at the time. (The area of Keihoku is big as Osaka city. The population of Keihoku is about 4,700 and Osaka has 2,690,000 people.)

I don't like to be in a crowded city, but the festival was not too crowded and it was very nice vibes.

I enjoyed watching performances ( Wadaiko(Japanese drums) and rock solon(dancing)).

DSC_4917.jpgThese nice lanterns are made by local schoolchildren were making the festival a nice atmosphere.

We had a fire performance instead of fireworks.
That was awesome! It was way better than my expectation.

We had Bon dance at last.
Young and old joined the Bon dance.

Japanese are shy but everybody loves dancing.

Please come and dance for the next year.