Art craft music fes "Tsukuru Mori"

In Autumn we have a lot of events in Keihoku.

So let me introduce an art craft music event "Tsukuru Mori" on September 22nd(Sun) and 23(Mon).

It is created by local artisans, craftsmen, and musicians. Connecting people inter-locally by creating this event.


Many Catering booths where you can taste local foods like gibier, organic foods.



And You can join craft and music workshops.

Find artworks in the forest.


Listen to many kinds of world music on stage.

ツクル森 バンド.jpg

You can enjoy Until 10 pm on 22nd.


You can stay over on 22nd by camp field costs just 500 yen.

It's gonna be super fun.

I'm excited about it.

Let's create "Tsukuru mori" together!

Don't miss it.

◎Tsukuru Mori 
Date : September 22nd(Sun) and 23(Mon).
Place:Awl Keihoku
Address: 2 Toridani, Shimonaka-cho, Keihoku, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
Facebook: ツクル森アート・クラフト・世界の音楽会