A small great courage

On Sunday, I went to『KEIHOKU MUSIC FESTA』run by Keihoku local music lovers at Utsu elementary school. We have this every year on this season.

Many young and old locals came to see.


While an instrumental band were playing,

Old lady A "Don't they sing songs!? "

Old lady B "Yes, only accompaniment. "

They are chatting so while enjoying their shaved ice (kakigori).

Many bands performed at this event.

I came to see the Japanese drum team "Yushinko".

Actually my 5 years old daughter has joined the Yushinko Kids(U kids) and started learning Japanese drumming recently.

And it was the first stage for her.

So I came to see her debut as her father.


She was a bit nervous but played really great.

I'm very proud of her.

I appreciate this opportunity. Great isn't it!?

I was chatting with Mr. Eguchi who plays at the instrumental band.

Me "I got a guitar from my friend, but I haven't played the guitar much recently"

Mr. Eguchi "Ohh you play guitar!?"

Me "Yes, kind of."

Mr. "Let me know if you want to join and play at this event, there is no audition."

Me "Ohh OK. thank you. But my skill is not good enough to perform at the stage..."

Now I need to ask my daughter to share me a little bit of her courage.