Before the festival

I'm gonna join Yamaguni festival tomorrow and carry a mikoshi (portable Shinto shrine).

But I wonder how the typhoon 19th effects on the festival.

It would be the first time for me to join it.
I think mikoshi carry people are looking cool and I always wanted join it.

Shinto followers believe that Mikoshi serves as the vehicle to transport a deity while moving between a main shrine and small shrines during a festival.

We're gonna carry the mikoshi around the area spending all afternoon from 12 pm to 6 pm to gratitude to the deity about keep the community safe and good harvest and etc.

It's gonna be so tough on the shoulders. I put cushions on the shoulders.


Maybe it doesn't look good, but I don't want to get injured.

The rugby world cup is super hot in Japan now, and Keihoku rugger men(Mikoshi carrier) would get hot tomorrow.

Please come and check the festival.
You would feel Japanese spirituality.