Yamaguni shrine festival

I was worried about the weather, but yesterday's Yamaguni Festival (Kankōsai) was held with no problems.

Many Yamaguni locals participate in the festival.
Also many people come back to the area from Kyoto City or from far away to participate in the festival, and immigrants to the area also participate in the festival, which I think is a good opportunity to keep the community strong and get know each other.

This festival has been held mainly for residents of 7 villages of Ono-cho, Shimo-cho, Tsuj-cho, To-cho, Torii-cho, Nakae-cho, and Higae-cho.

This time, I joined Nakae-cho team as a helper.

At noon, we received sacred sake at each village and gathered at Yamaguni Shrine.(The main shrine.)

About 70 Mikoshi carriers participated in this year.

The Shito priest gave a Shinto ritual prayer and did a ceremony, and then Mikoshi time is started.

The Yamaguni party leads the Mikoshi.

The unique melody of the flutes the drums sound feel the history.


There ware breaks at each village. Softdrinks, sakes, and foods are served there.


If I get drunk, I won't be able to carry the Mikoshi, so I tried not to drink too much.

It's fun to chat with people who you know or the first time at the break time.


These rods called Hoko and they walk in front of Omikoshi.

There is a bell at the tip, and they make sound while walking.

I tried Hoko. It was heavy and difficult to make the sound of the bell, I had to jump.


Omikoshi is lifted up 3 times like tossing it in the air at some points like shrines.

You have to be careful not to drop the Omikoshi on your lap.


It was completely dark by the time we arrived at Goryo Shrine where the portable shrine is stored.

We had a ceremony and finished.

It was a very meaningful day that I could feel the tradition and spirit rooted in the region.

In the evening, I joined in a after party in Nakae-cho and had sake and a good meal.

Today, I'm having comfortable whole-body muscle pain and a slight hangover.

I think it's really important to have the festival can keep good culture.

I would like to join the festival next year too.