Keihoku song and future concert 2019

We have many event in Autumn in Japan.

Sports events, festivals, Food events, and art events.

Let me inform you about a music event "Keihoku song and future concert 2019".

An orchestra Amicitia performs at this concert collaborates with Keihoku local students.


Mr. Tokiwa is the representative and project leader of Amicitia Orchestra and who is works in Kyoto city as a Kyoto northern mountain area activator.

He organizes this music concert as an interactive event to get new awareness for local students and orchestra members by having an interactive workshop and trying to solve the social issue.

Great isn't it!?


See their smiles, I can see the bright future.

◎ Keihoku Uta and Future Concert

November 10, 2019 (Sunday) 15:00 opening 15:30 start

At: Keihoku Goudouchosha 3F hall
1-1 Kamiterada, Shuzan-cho, Ukyo-Ku, Kyoto-city

Amy Kitia Orchestra